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Free Mouse Clicker to Simulate Mouse Click Event on PC Easily

Free Mouse Clicker is a software tool used to simulate the mouse click for a specific point or location on the screen. The free mouse clicker is generally used to automate both left and right mouse clicks. And yes, it supports dual mouse clicks also for the left-click and right-click.

Basically this automatic clicker gives you the flexibility to define the automatic click interval for a particular period of time. For example, you can set hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds as per the need which totally depends on you.

Moreover, You can place your mouse cursor at the defined location, it will then look things up for you afterward and you don’t need to operate the mouse constantly.

To start a free mouse clicker, you need to click on the start button or you can press the hotkey on the keyboard. This auto clicker act as the fastest mouse clicker which is really helpful, especially for those players or users that play many games.

If you are a passionate gamer then this is the best auto clicker for you. And perfectly fit for your auto mouse click need to get rid of clicking constantly. And yes, you can use free auto clicker for all operating systems which work very smoothly. 

This auto clicker for games works perfectly in the background. So, do not worry about it. Click on the start button to run the auto clicker. Set time, set mouse action, and let mouse clicker work for you. That’s all and enjoy.

Similarly, If you want to automate mouse clicks in series, then you can check this mouse click automation software.

How Would User Know If the Free Mouse Clicker is Working or Not?

To see the mouse clicker working functionality, the user needs to move the cursor to a specific point or location. And click on the start button and wait. And then, the user will see the red visual effect for the allocated time interval. The below video is for clarity to show you the working.

How to Use Free Mouse Clicker?

1. Double click on the installed application.

2. In the Click Interval section, set the time which is 5 or 3 seconds as indicated in the above video.

how to use free mouse clicker

3. Now, set the Mouse Action that is the right or left button and double or single click.

mouse action

4. Ok, great. And now it’s time to click on the Start button to run the mouse clicker.

5. After clicking on the Start button you need to move the cursor to the location where you are going to perform the click operation. As you see in the video, we already moved the cursor on the locations as per our choice.

6. Wait for 5 or 3 seconds to see the working of an auto clicker. And there you will see the red circular visual effect which means the auto mouse clicker is working fine as expected.


  • Free Mouse Auto Clicker Program is easy to use.
  • It’s easy to customize automatic clicks settings, which give fast and automatic mouse clicks.
  • This auto clicker allows the user to set auto click at the chosen interval.
  • Options to line mouse auto clicks for the left or right button.
  • Free mouse clicker app is fast and may be set to single or double click.
  • You’ll use keyboard keys to regulate when to start out and stop the automatic mouse clicker.
  • Just position your mouse cursor to the press location and hit the beginning button or use the keyboard hot-key.
  • When auto-clicking your favorite game, a red color indicator is visible, where the mouse is clicking automatically.
  • Free Mouse Clicker is totally free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. To change the Start button hotkey, click on the start dropdown in the Hot Key option of the auto clicker application
2. Similarly, choose the hotkey from the dropdown as per your choice.
3. To change the Stop button hotkey, click on the stop dropdown in the Hot Key option of the mouse clicker application.
4. Finally, select the hotkey from the dropdown as well according to your choice. That’s it!
5. Great, you have changed the hotkeys.

Yes, there are many fast clickers are available for windows operating systems. The best auto clicker for windows is op auto clicker. You can explore the latest version of auto clicker 3.0 from here.

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