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Auto Typer – Best AutoTyper for Mac for Free 2021

What is Auto Typer?

Auto typer for mac software application allows the user to type text sentences by configuring the keyboard shortcuts. You can type or store at-least 5 individual sentences in an auto typer and you can assign individual keyboard generated shortcuts to automate your text typing in an running application window.

The user can even control typing speed of the texts by configuring per character delay as per required time which is in milliseconds provided at the bottom of the window of this automatic text tying software for Mac.

Features Auto Typer for Mac which facilitates Automatic Text Typing on your Mac.

  • It automatically stores up-to five sentences with 5 separate Keyboard Shortcuts individually to enter individual Sentence in an application window screen.
  • Auto typer has two options to enter sentences – You can enter the required sentences manually Or you can just speak the sentences instead of typing.
  • It allows us to configure character delay to control speed of auto text typing to ensure the entered text goes to correct text control onto your mac application.
  • For nearly instant text typing, you can enable simulation of command V to insure nearly instant textbook transfer.
  • You can also type text Judgment stored onto clipboard with keyboard roadway without storing the text in auto typer for mac.
  • Configurable random time delay between Key Down and Key up allows you to pretend human text typing.
  • User can also configure the time delay between Key Down and Key Up from settings/ preferences of the software application.

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