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How to Enable Screen Recorder PC? – Here is Easy Solution

This post will show you how to enable screen recorder on your PC. Screen recording is a great way to share information with the masses, whether through videos or live webinars. With a screen recorder, you can make tutorials, share your skills, and more. This software also includes a built-in photo editor, so you can edit your recordings to add annotations. It can also store your recordings in a required file so you can edit your recorder file later easily. The options for sharing your content are endless.

The market is flooded with free and paid screen recording applications, but choosing the right one can be a tricky task. While you may not need professional-grade features, you may want to create a complex presentation or get expert technical support.

PC Screen Recorder

The PC screen recorder is a type of software that can save your PC desktop screen operation in video files. It allows you to save what happens on your desktop screen, create video demonstrations directly from your computer and publish them online without special skills. PC screen recorder is designed to present the first software and education. Nowadays, people use it in a wide variety of ways, including training, business, and many other areas.

Why has the PC screen recorder become popular and what is it doing? You will soon know the answer in the next few paragraphs of the PC screen recorder overview.

What Can a PC Screen Recorder Do?

PC screen recorders are primarily used for recording your actions on the screen in real-time and storing them as videos. While illustrating or demonstrating in front of your computer, you may also be able to record yourself using a webcam.

AVI, WMV, and MPEG are just some of the video formats that it can produce, along with MP and FLV commonly used for sharing video files on the Internet and handheld devices. In some screen recorders, you can also make interactive animated videos like flash movies.

Why Do You Need a PC Screen Recorder?

Having screen recording software will be useful for a number of reasons.

  1. For developers and designers, it can be used for recording video presentations to demonstrate how your software or work functions.
  2. Teachers and educators, you can register for lectures and online education courses, and remote learning.
  3. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, this is a great choice for making product and training videos to increase your business opportunities and build effective teams.
  4. You can create fun videos and capture games for YouTube and other online platforms using screen recording software for home and entertainment.

How To Enable Your Screen Recorder in PC?

Follow these easy steps on how to enable screen recorder-

1. Open the application or whatever you want to record.

2. Now to open the windows recorder, press the ‘Windows key + G’ on your keyboard. And you will see a record option which you can use to record your screen.

How To Enable Screen Recorder

3. Now if you want to record your voice along with the video you can click on the mic option to turn on your mic.

enable screen recorder

4. Now to start your recording just click on record option and now your screen starts recording.

click on record option

5. Once you have recorded your PC screen, to stop the recording, again click on the red dot and your recording will save on your computer.

how to stop screen recorder
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