Best 5 video editing app free pc

Top 5 Best Video Editing App Free for Windows PC in 2023

The best video editing app free programs lets you create pro-level HD videos without breaking the strand. Video editing has become a very popular passion for people. And as a result, lots of free video editing programs have come to hit the market.

Are you really looking for free video editing software?

Perhaps, you are a beginner in this market and wanting to test these editors before you invest in expensive software or you want to utilize professional tools for free without paying for pro level video editing app pc.

And If you are a professional or pro level user, then you don’t need any paid video editing software programs. You can edit video on iPhone or mac with free video editing app on iPhone or video editing app free mac.

However, video editing app free programs can be hit some offer only basic features before dive you into a costly subscription software’s, while others are available for free than paid software’s. A good video editing app free software can allow you to showcase your products from every angle.

And you can increase the leads by making professional and pro-level promos for social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram by sharing your brand videos there.

There are lots of easy video editing app free programs that can really help you boost your confidence and stand out from your competition.

Well-produced professional videos for your products are a more engaging content marketing. That can help customer to reduce hesitation in making a purchase. It can help to increase the conversion rates.

Let’s see top 5 best video editing app free for windows pc.

Shotcut video editor

This is another best good video editing app free for the editors who have moved from basic-level editing program like Movie Maker.

This video editing software for pc is open-source, so once you download this editor, you will have access to all features and you can customize your videos as per your requirement.

Shotcut offers the best effects that will help you to make high-quality and high-definition videos for free of cost.

Top Features

  • It allows making 4K HD resolution videos.
  • It offers video and audio editing.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Open-source software program.

2. DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve editor

DaVinci Resolve is an easy and clean best free video editing software program for professionals that you would never believe is free of cost.

It can offer a wide range of modern features, including excellent color-combination tools that let you edit the videos with skin tones, eye color, and many more along with high-definition audio-editing feature.

Top Features

  • It consists of fair light audio editing features.
  • Inbuilt color enhancement tools.
  • Offers motion graphics.
  • It can allow multiple-user collaboration.
  • High quality post-production audio features.

3. Lightworks


Lightworks is one of the best overall free video editing software available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. It includes a simple and easy interface. Lightworks offers wide range of collection of detailed video editing tutorials to make it more accessible to learn Linux video editing software features.

Lightworks consist of original inbuilt stock videos and sounds licensed for use in your videos that you edit on this software program, and letting you give a superior finished look and feel to any kind of videos.

Top Features

  • Very High-quality trimming feature for fast and precise video editing.
  • It consists of speed optimization feature to edit videos.
  • User can share real-time project with full control.
  • It offers sharing of edited videos with fast export on Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • It can support for variety of video formats.

4. OpenShot


OpenShot is the video editing software free for beginners and intermediate editors available for Windows and MAC.

It has easy and clean user interface which makes it the best video editing app for beginners. While other complex software’s may offer many editing features, OpenShot’s intuitive UI and design is perfect for simple video editing.

OpenShot is the best and efficient option for small size businesses and offers best clip resizing, scaling, trimming, rotations and more other usable options. 

It can also offer some very useful features like frame stepping, time mapping, credit scrolling, high quality audio editing, with real-time preview option.

Top Features

  • Various layers for background videos, audios and watermarks.
  • It includes customizable title-card templates.
  • It consists of inbuilt drag-and-drop option to add audio, video and images easily.
  • Openshot allows digital video effects like hue, brightness, and chroma effects for applying green-screen effects.
  • Various animation capabilities for creating informative animated videos.

5. Movie Maker Online

best video editor

Movie Maker Online is very popular and useful if you are searching to make a simple and easy video without downloading the video editing software program.

You can upload your videos directly on this site to make all of your effects, edits, and just download the finished edited video.

One of the best advantage of Movie Maker Online is its online use unlike other video editors the Movie Maker runs in your browser. User can edit all videos through the software on any desktop and just pick up where you left off editing at any time.

Movie Maker is best video editor for laptop use also, as it does not have any ram requirement or a specific OS to perform operations.This is the best free video editing software available for online.

Top Features

  • Generates royalty-free content
  • It consists variety of editing tools
  • User can access from any computer
  • Features are automated
  • Inbuilt library of songs to use

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