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Top 3 Best Chrome Extensions You Must Try in 2023

Best Chrome Extensions are a great tool for enhancing the browsing experience, enabling one-click access to hundreds of useful, life-changing or plain entertaining utilities. They can be used to enhance the functionality of the browser, simplify everyday tasks or they can simply provide fun for users.

Some basic extensions help your Google Chrome work better, offering a wide range of features and options including bookmarking, navigating through tabs, navigating through tabs and posting about feed content on social media. With extensions installed, Google Chrome turns from a mere browser into a indispensable all-in-one powerhouse.

"After installing best chrome extensions you'll never go back"

Today we will see three amazing best chrome extensions from which you can learn something new plus create something new is going to be very useful.


You have to go to chrome web store and in search field write and press enter. You can see this first link, you have to click add to chrome and above add extension you will click on the extension button and you must pin it. By pinning you will see the extension come out, if you unpin it, then it goes back inside the extension option. chrome extension

Now what are you going to benefit from this? You will see if you open and clicked on plus icon and click on a new tab which will open you will get related news from developer only from here you want to read whatever you want to learn a lot You can easily learn, from here you will get all the latest updates, you can click on any news and you will get a lot of news related to it. You will see again if you select a new type and from there it is updated and you will get new news. extension

2. memefy this

Let’s see the another extension is very interesting, you have to go to chrome web store and write memefy this and press enter. Here you will see the website of Memes which is done in the same way.

You can now click to install it, now what would be the biggest benefit of this, you can download many such websites of copyright free images and use them in your website.

For example, (please check the attached video for working)

I clicked on this image and do click right after the image is opened and you need to right click on that image and click on memefy this image from here you can create its meaning by adding your custom text.

 You can write anything like I am going to write ‘HELLO THERE, you will see that you have done one meme within a few seconds and here you will see three options to refresh, download and from here you can close it.

Whatever you have to write text here, you can also edit it. You can give alignment to the left, right, and center also. You will find small tools There, if you want to use them, you can use them and after that you have to click on this download button.

Here you will see that I have created a meme in PNG format. You can also go to Google Images, you will click on any image, after that you have to right click it and go to memefy this image to add your custom text and download.

3. ColorZilla

Let’s see the 3rd extension that is ColorZilla. If you create a website and you have problem in understanding color, then you must have a ColorZilla extension install and the way to install is the same as chrome extension.

colorzilla chrome extension

Here you can see ColorZilla has come out now, user will have any kind of problem if the user copy any color from any website for example when you click on top of the picture color from page as shown in image below.

How to use colorzilla

Now you will see when you are taking the pointer, it is telling you its color above, where your pointer will go, its color will show there, from there you are also getting to know the color code and as soon as you clicked the color of the object it has been copied from there.

You clicked on it and after clicking on the color picker, if you want to use this color to your website, then you can copy that code directly and can add this kind of color to your website.

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