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Chrome Inspect Element – How to Inspect Element Chrome Mobile

Chrome Inspect Element Mobile - Remote debugging and responsive check on Actual Devices

Chrome Inspect Element Mobile Scenarios

Scenario 1: If you are developer, and working on project where client want you to make a website for his business which is fully responsive for desktop, tablets and especially for Mobile with different viewports.

Scenario 2: If you are tester, and working on same project and developer assigned the ticket to the QA team in which tester need to check the response of the implemented website in different mobile screens.

For superior User Experience, Website Response across range of Mobile Devices and various platforms plays extremely important role. However, Mobile Responsive Check and debugging can get messed up, particularly when there are mistakes in code, inconsistencies in browsers, web page load efficiency, device incompatibility.

So, we need to resolve all these issues as soon as possible. Utilizing Developer Tools or debugging option like chrome inspect element shortcut to make debugging your web application simpler.

Sometimes, we can see the responsive issue on actual mobile device while inspect element android but we are unable to reproduce that issue on the chrome inspect tool.

So how can we reproduce that issue and debug using chrome inspect devices?

Right here we’ll discuss about the most trending way – google chrome inspect element mobile tool in which we can debug on Real Devices.

Follow these steps to inspect elements on Mobile Device

Enable USB Debugging
  • After enabling USB Debugging, connect the mobile device to the PC or Laptop.
  • Now, select the Transfer files option in USB preference.
enable usb debugging
  • Open any website on your mobile browser.
  • On your laptop or PC, open chrome and type chrome://inspect and hit enter.
  • Underneath of Remote Target, you can see the website that you already opened in your mobile browser. Just click on inspect to debug the website.
how to inspect element in chrome browser
inspect element android


Chrome Inspect Element Mobile- A responsive testing simulator provides a virtual environment where you can test and debug the functionalities just like in a real device. You can also test websites on mobile devices online and test websites on different screen sizes. It is easy to perform responsive design testing across devices on a simulator.

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