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Best Clicker Game Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is the popular and best clicker game you can play on your PC online for free. It comes in the category of clicker game in which player need to click on cookies on the screen. This cookie clicker game created by French programmer and released in the year 2013.

This clicker game is very popular and interesting game to play online. You can really enjoy this game if you want to pass boring time or you feel lonely as well.

In this popular game you can initially perform clicks on the bigger cookies on your screen in which you earn a single cookie per performed click. You can utilize your earned cookies upon buying assets like cursors that automatically create cookies.

The moto of this clicker game is to bake number of cookies by performing clicks on the bigger cookie. Upgrades are there also and to enhance clicks efficiency so that the production of your cookies increases and you do not need to click by yourself.

Cookie clicker game seems to be endless means in this game you can play continuously to earn lots of cookies to achieve milestones. The player will get addictive to this game once he started playing and will not remember how much time he spent on this popular clicker game while playing.

If you are at that stage of playing cookie clicker games that you now need to use auto clickers for performance boost, we’d suggest to only use safe auto clickers that pass all quality checks and don’t track your personal information.

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